AIX brings a new satellite as-a-service concept to the market and makes on-demand, in-orbit resources such as data and actionable information available to users.

Customers can exploit the desired custom set of components, configuring their own acquisition/processing workflow and their own system’s configuration. The system will:

  • Support AI-experienced users in testing their algorithms and techniques into a real EO case, with resources and payloads available on-demand.

  • Ease developers in on-board software implementation and re-use.

To summarise, AIX enables customer-driven capabilities such as need-focused data gathering which reduces costs and barriers to access space.

The main innovations of AIX are:

  • A technological framework composed of hardware, software and services. These provide a set of basic and advanced building blocks that AI applications can be built upon. In other words, a testbed for AI.

  • An infrastructure of on-demand space services composed of in-orbit and ground facilities, founded on Blockchain technologies.

  • A suite of tools supporting the commercial evolution of space and “NewSpace Economy”.

On-the-fly configurable services able to monitor areas and topics of interest, detect changes and raise alarms in response to specific data processing. This is supported in the framework by AI-based algorithms and tools.


The AIX hybrid edge ecosystem includes:

  • An orbiting platform, based on D-Orbit’s ION Carrier, providing hosted payloads and ready-to-deploy CubeSats

  • A software framework infrastructure that implements services and provides an abstraction layer towards sensors and on-board resources

  • A catalogue of on-board resources including hardware and software components as well as complete CubeSats in standard configurations

  • An “app-store” catalogue of processing functions and application algorithms based on AI

  • On-board service configuration

  • CubeSats deployment on-demand

  • Support service to custom design needs

  • Ground Segment support services for operations.

These services will help users find innovative approaches in planning, tasking, data processing and communications.

Added Value

AIX provides a set of deeply configurable services that ensure it stands out from market competitors. These configurable services allow users to choose from pay-per-use to full missions as-a-service, evaluate new approaches to space missions and validate novel concepts in the real environment. Flexibility and configurability also allow for in-orbit test iteration and the fine-tuning of applications.

The AIX suite of in-orbit services offer unique features. These include tools that support EO data processing on the ground and during in-orbit tests, enabling automated and collaborative AI applications on-board. These applications are possible thanks to smart contracts and a Blockchain security infrastructure.

To conclude, AIX services provide users with technical flexibility, cost scalability, timeliness and risk reduction.

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